Nokia N9/N950 RM-680 developer device will launch next week ?

Finally. After more then a year of waiting and months of delays, Nokia is about to launch their first Meego device.

And when I’m saying “about to launch”, I mean it will happen real soon. The new Nokia Meego handset with the internal number RM-680 and the trade name of either N950 or N9,  will, most likely,  be announced next week. And no later then June 24th.

Nokia RM-680 has already received the FCC approval. For now we can only guess that it is the N9/N950 handset we’ve seen leaked last summer. The pictures of the device, it’s user’s manual and some other docs are kept off the FCC site as per Nokia’s request. But Nokia  asked for an unusually short 45 day confidentiality period for their RM-680 handset, which expires on June 24th. On that day the device pictures and specs with user’s manual become public, and will certainly spoil the surprise if the new handset is not yet officially announced.

So June 24th should be the latest possible day for the Nokia RM-680launch. And then we have a major MeeGo Conference on May 23-25th in San Francisco. Since we are pretty sure RM-680 is MeeGo device, and it’s almost ready for the  announcement – this MeeGo event would be the best place/time to do it.

We are also hearing that the first Nokia MeeGo handset is not actually a mass market device. It’s a developer model and will probably be given to  MeeGo San Francisco conference attendees for free.

The commercial Nokia Meego handset should be released few months later.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Rounak Jain

    quite amusing how you go from ‘Will launch’ next week in the headline to ”
    N9, will, most likely, be announced next week” 😉

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  • Daniel Santourian


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