UK: Google Nexus S now only £318 SIM-free

If you want your Android smartphone to come with the ‘pure’ Google experience, you have two choices – the aging Google Nexus One, or the newer Google Nexus S. Since the former is more than a year old, you should probably choose the latter, though. And if you’re in the UK, here’s some related good news.

Independent online retailer Clove has dropped the price of the Samsung-made Google Nexus S all the way to £318. That price includes VAT and will get you a SIM-free and unlocked device. The only catch? It’s the i9023 – the Nexus S that has a Super LCD screen. That’s bad news if you were desperate for that Super AMOLED screen that the i9020 has. On the other hand, the Super LCD screen in the i9023 is way above ‘normal’ LCD screens in both outdoors visibility and black levels.

Ultimately, it’s your choice. And if for some reason you must get the model that has the Super AMOLED screen, you can do that too, but for £430. Now that’s a lot of dough to be shelling out just for the screen.

If the screen isn’t that important to you, then you can order the model with the Super LCD if you go to Clove now.

Via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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