HTC Panache (Glacier) is headed to Videotron in Canada too

Just a couple of days ago we found out that T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G (also known by its codename HTC Glacier) was headed to Canada as well, under the name HTC Panache. Mobilicity will sell this new device – that’s what we previously heard.

However, it now seems that Mobilicity won’t be the only Canadian carrier to offer the Panache. It may be joined, at some point in the future, by Videotron. That information has come out after a leak of official HTC approved software for the Glacier, software that was clearly customized for Videotron. That much is obvious from the file name: “RUU_Glacier_Gingerbread_S_Videotron_CA_2.10.1530.1_Radio_12.55.60.25_26.09.04”. That firmware is now available to download thanks to 911SnIpEr, and it’s the real deal (anyone who knows HTC firmwares knows that the Taiwanese manufacturer loves these extremely long names).

There are no more details right now about the Glacier’s arrival on Videotron. In fact, it’s not even clear what name Videotron will use for the device, we’re just assuming it will be Panache, since it would make little sense to choose yet another different name for this device. If Videotron’s Glacier will also be called Panache, then it will be safe to assume that this will be the smartphone’s international (or, at least, Canadian) name.

Time will tell, of course, and we’ll be here to report on whatever happens.

Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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