AT&T updating Android smartphones to enable sideloading of apps

AT&T has started pushing updates to some Android-powered smartphones it sells, updates that will enable the sideloading of applications on those devices. What does sideloading mean? It means installing apps from sources other than the Android Market. To be honest, it’s one feature that’s among the key differentiators between Android and other modern smartphone operating systems (cough…iOS…cough). And finally it’s about to reach AT&T’s Android portfolio as well.

Up until now, AT&T was the only carrier (that we know of) in the world to block app sideloading. Presumably they’ve done that so they would cut some number of support calls, but apparently the public outcry has made them reconsider. Which they have, starting with the new Samsung Infuse 4G, which was the first Android smartphone sold by AT&T to come with sideloading pre-enabled.

Now it’s the turn of the HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Aria, and the Samsung Captivate. After installing the update that should reach your phone in the following days (if it’s one of the aforementioned models, of course), you’ll be able to go to Settings > Applications, and enable Unknown Sources. Which, among other things, means you’ll finally have access to Amazon’s Appstore.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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