AT&T Sideloading is now official starting with Infuse 4G

Today is a good day for AT&T Android users. AT&T announced in March that it would allow future phones(starting with the Infuse 4G) to sideload apps. The main reason AT&T finally said it would change its policy was to allow users to download the Amazon App Store and gain access to some of the sweet deals that Amazon offers each day(Here is today’s free app).

This statement  was confirmed by AT&T today when they sent out the notice pictured below to developers. Unfortunately, AT&T failed to mention whether or not previous Android models such as the Samsung Captivate would receive an update that allowed them to sideload apps as well.

I certainly hope for fellow Captivate users sake that the AT&T does allow the former Android models to sideload and follows Google’s plan to improve on updating older devices. This announcement is also a good indication that AT&T is getting better at listening to customer’s requests and it could not have come at a better time with AT&T/T-Mobile’s merger making customers believe that the merger will make the company’s customer service worse.

At the end of the day the customer always wins, I hope.


Author: Dakota Torres

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