Pantech has the world’s first 1.5 GHz dual-core phone, only available in Korea

If you are interested in dual-core smartphones, you’ll be excited to hear about the latest superphone from an unexpected manufacturer.

Pantech may not have a very large presence in the smartphone market in the US, but it does pretty well back at home in Korea. The latest addition to their roster is the Vega Racer, the world’s first 1.5 GHz dual-core phone. This device packs some serious power with Qualcomm’s MSM8660 Snapdragon chip, which is the same chip as HTC EVO 3D and the HTC Sensation 4G, except both of those have been restricted to a slower 1.2 GHz.

It also features 1 GB RAM, Adreno 220 GPU, a 4.3-inch TFT LCD display with 800×480 WVGA resolution, and a 8 MP front-facing and 1.3 MP rear camera. Pantech also mentioned that they are working on a tablet as well.

This device brings up the question on why we don’t have this type of processor out yet in the US? As mentioned previously, there are a few phones that are expected to be released sometime in the near future with 1.2GHz processors like the HTC EVO 3D and the rumored Samsung Hercules, while the Vega Racer has an expected release date later this month on SK-Telecom.

The main reasoning I can think of is the marketing strategies implemented by mobile phone manufacturers such as HTC for example. They can make a phone such as the EVO 3D and will probably sell plenty of devices and then release a phone such as the HTC G Infinity several months later with an upgraded 1.5GHz processor and people will be awe struck.

What really beats me is why doesn’t Pantech try its hand at the smartphone market in the US? The Vega Racer would have the fastest processor on the market and it shows us that Pantech has the resources to run with the big dogs like HTC and Samsung.

For now, we can only envy our friends over in Korea who will relish the speeds of the Vera Racer.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • benmarvin

     Pretty sure the Qualcomm MDP developer’s phone would be the first dual core 1.5Ghz device, and you can already buy one:

  • Anthony James Palmisano

    8mp front facing 1.3 rear. lol