Comcast brings Wi-Fi-only Xfinity TV streaming to iPhone, iPod Touch

Comcast’s Fancast service and iPad app (available since February) have offered access to their admittedly impressive onDemand catalog, highlighted by movies and shows from premium networks like HBO and Showtime.

Now the experience finally comes to the iPhone. The most recent (v 1.5) update of their Xfinity app now allows iPhone and iPod touch users to join the iPad in streaming onDemand content from Comcast’s servers.

Comcast may be under fire for their massive merger with NBC Universal, but one thing that hasn’t yet drawn much negative attention is their Xfinity TV service. Cable companies are racing with each other to get their content out of the living room and into our pockets (as well as stave of Verizon’s FIOS).

Now that the cable giants have finally realized that their customers don’t just want to watch their content in their homes in front of their TVs, Comcast, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable has found ways to pump their Xfinity TV content into devices that users can take anywhere (with a Wi-Fi connection, that is).

The importance of this particular migration to the iPhone is clear: while Apple has done brisk sales of the iPad and iPad 2, the numbers pale in comparison to the number of iPhones in circulation.

The main advantage Comcast’s app enjoys over those of their clueless brethren at Cabelvision and Time Warner is that despite the functionality’s Wi-Fi limitations, users of the Xfinity app can use the service over ANY Wi-Fi connection, not just their home network. The number of people who would want or need to watch TV on an iPhone in a home that already has cable service is undoubtedly miniscule, but for those who do, TWC and Cablevision have you covered.

No word on where Comcast customers who have 4G service with a mobile hotspot fit in regards to the “Wi-Fi-only” restrictions.

iTunes via Engadget

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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