Nokia wants YOU to invent phones and services for it

Nokia has announced a brand new initiative called Invent With Nokia. As its name suggests, the initiative is all about inventing new products: phones, services, software and so on. The good news is that anyone can participate – you only need to have a great and feasible idea (or at least what you think is a great and feasible idea) that Nokia might want to use in its future products.

This may sound strange coming from a company that invests billions of dollars in R&D, and has thousands of employees who are constantly in search of new technologies. But, in fact, it’s not that strange, because you never know where an excellent idea can come from.

Of course, if Nokia decides your idea is a good one and plans to use it, a financial reward will be waiting for you. Here’s what the company states:

Nokia’s business is very diverse, and the inventions we review are similarly broad. Whilst we take a common approach to valuing and rewarding our partners, there will be some variability. In principle you will be eligible for an award if we apply for a patent based on your invention. You may be eligible for a further award depending on the success of the product and the level of award you choose at the patent application stage.

And here’s what Nokia is looking for, more exactly:

  • Ideas related to mobile phones
  • Ideas related to mobile phone applications/services (e.g., for an applications store)
  • Wireless standards (cellular, WLAN etc)
  • Mobile device features (user interfaces, sensing applications etc)
  • Mobile device concepts (mechanics, displays, cameras, etc)
  • Mobile applications / software applications / services (e.g., maps, navigation, social networking, music, games, email etc.)
  • Mobile services infrastructure / Mobile service provider (e.g., for an applications store)
  • Mobile software / Operating systems

Certainly, a big chunk of the ideas submitted will certainly be crappy, or unusable, or already in use. But there should be a few that might result in some awesome devices or services. Who knows, maybe the world’s best Windows Phone handset will be a result of this initiative.

Stephen Elop himself (Nokia’s CEO) encourages people to share their “creative work” with Nokia:

To start submitting your ideas, go to Invent With Nokia. You’ll need to register first, even if you already have a Nokia account.

Via Nokia Conversations

Author: Florin

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