Russian mobile retail boss: “We expect first Nokia Windows Phone this year”

We all know that Nokia really wants to have it’s first Windows Phone to be ready before the end of this year. We’ve heard it from Nokia execs almost every time they are asked when the first Nokia WP device will ship. But Nokia brass is also very careful not to promise anything for this year.

Well, it seems that Nokia is now a bit more confident in private settings, when they are talking to big retail partners about their future plans.

Recently the head of the second largest Russian mobile phone retailer “Sviaznoj” met with Stephen Elop about opening of a number of “shop-in-shop” Nokia outlets in Sviaznoj stores. When talking to the media about this meeting, the head of Sviaznoj Denis Liudkovski had this quip about the upcoming Nokia products in his stores:

“We are the key Nokia partner in Russia. Thanks’ to the cooperation agreements on the “shop-in-shop”  format, all the newest models show up at Sviaznoj earlier then in competing outlets…. We expect that the first Windows Mobile based Nokia smartphone will show up in our stores before the end of 2011

Well, except for the weird “Windows Mobile” reference, this sounds pretty interesting. I hope the statement is based on something Stephen Elop has actually promised Mr.Liudkovski  the other day.

Via: RBC Daily


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • IceRain

    not just russian
    i am also expect the Nokia Windows phone