HP is delusional, thinks the Touchpad will sell more than the iPad

Today’s funny moment is brought to you by HP. More specifically, Eric Cador, HP’s European head, has said that HP’s Touchpad is going to be “better than number one”, “number one plus”.

Okay, so he didn’t actually say that the Touchpad will sell better than the iPad, although that’s clearly what he implied. Not saying it directly is certainly smart, as he’s going to be able to say he’s been misquoted when investors ask him, during next year’s conference calls, what he was thinking.

He believes that HP will perform even better in the tablet space than it has in the PC space, where, “with fewer ways of differentiating HP’s products from our competitors, we became number one”. Let’s just ignore that strange-sounding assertion (I would certainly like to hear why exactly he thinks that the PC space allows for less differentiation than tablets) and focus on “number one plus”. That has to be one of the most void-of-any-meaning things we’ve heard from a big honcho at any company during the past few years.

Again, not saying anything directly (those investors must really bite). Not “we’re going to be No.1″, not “we’ll seel more than anyone else”, not even “our product itself is better than the competition” (although I suspect that latter example is what the aforementioned investors will hear when Cador spins this). No. Number one plus. What does that even mean? Seriously, what?

0? -1? 0.5? Almost No.1? I don’t get it.

And I don’t think we’re supposed to get it, because there’s nothing to get. HP is just desperate for some attention ahead of its European launch of the Touchpad. That’s all. As for the WebOS-powered tablet selling more than the iPad…

Yeah. Right.

Sure, HP has a lot of distribution muscle, inherited from its PC arm (pun intended, indeed). However, distribution isn’t enough, as Nokia has so eloquently proven.

Sure, HP has what is probably the best looking mobile operating system, and one of the most capable. But until developers will start noticing it, it can’t even compete with Android (in the tablet space) or Windows Phone 7 (in, erm, phones). Cador promises that the Touchpad will launch in Europe with “thousands” of apps.

Sorry. Until that’s “tens of thousands”, or, even better, “hundreds of thousands”, the tablet market will still be dominated by the always interesting Apple Vs. Google “fight”. Not because any one person will ever install 100K apps on her or his tablet, but because with big numbers come better chances that everything you need is there. Platforms that have big app numbers are also those that developers tend to write apps for first. Having the app of the moment from day one, and not after 16 months or so, does help drive consumer perception in your favor.

So good luck HP. I do hope that webOS will live long, because it certainly deserves to. However, HP should focus a lot less on statements that literally don’t make any sense, and more on developers, developers

Via The Telegraph

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Whatswrongnow

    HP has to generate hype in this digital age which then justifies your salary making this post..the world still goes around. 

  • C.L

    To me it seemed like he was saying his product would be better than the number once (i-pad) he never even came close to talking about sales. 

  • Guest

    I think, that if the TouchPad offers a great experience and is widely favorably reviewed, AND RUNS FLASH well, it will cannibalize at least 50% of any future iPad sales. While I enjoy my iPad2 a lot, I will sell it in a heartbeat if I can get a TouchPad that will run FLASH.

  • http://twitter.com/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    there tons of tablets already better than the ipad, but apple has good marketing scams.  fooling people into thinking they are getting the best product, just like they did with the ipad. 

  • Anonymous

    Now a day funny moment is brought to you by HP. More specifically,today HP give Imagine services and product..

  • Anonymous

    Yes it was over-hype and frankly a little silly what he said but there’s a couple of points to note here.  HP does have the widest distribution of PC’s in the world and has been quietly putting in place plans to upgrade the vast majority of those PC’s with WebOS enabled desktops, laptops and notebooks.  In addition they are daily logging new contracts with defense department contractors, municipalities, state governments and even NASA all to carry WebOS devices up to and including the Touchpad.  The stated plan is to have hundreds of millions of WebOS enabled devices deployed by the end of 2012.  Keep in mind that since they will be using WebOS as an added functionality to Windows PC’s that this is something that can be accomplished without necessarily replacing hardware in some cases.

    That is a massive avalanche of potential and it will attract a devastating number of developers.  Add to that the rapidly spreading word of how HP is embracing it’s development community including homebrewers – which is unheard of.

    Finally let’s not forget that although Apple is already reaping the rewards of the iPad 2, they have only had a tablet on the market for a year and two months.  They are by no means out of reach, especially when you consider how ambitious and well planned the HP strategy is.  HP has adapted to new technology pretty well over the years and I think they have a ways to go in terms of customer service but all hype aside I think they can do this.

  • Guest123

    i believe hp has all resources and capablilities to make that happen.. 
    hp touchpad rock! we’ll see.. 
    and it’s a matter of time ;)

  • Guest123

    i believe hp has all resources and capablilities to make that happen.. 
    hp touchpad rock! we’ll see.. 
    and it’s a matter of time ;)