INQ Cloud Touch will have location features built-in, powered by Foursquare

The INQ Cloud Touch is the world’s first (shipping, at least) Android smartphone to have Facebook integrated into its core. Yet the integration with everyone’s favorite social network wasn’t enough for INQ, apparently, since they’ve gone and signed a deal with Foursquare, everyone’s favorite location sharing app (everyone, in this case, means everyone who personally knows Robert Scoble). The deal means that in a few months, the INQ Cloud Touch will have unique location features built into its operating system, and these will be powered by Foursquare.

The information was made public by none other than Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s CEO. The location integration will consist of all the features that Foursquare is known for, such as check-ins, places nearby, tips, ToDos, all powered by the Foursquare API. Basically, INQ has taken Foursquare’s API and integrated it deep within the Android core. That means you’ll be able to check into a place without ever running the Foursquare app.

This all sounds very interesting of course (especially if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area), but unfortunately it’s unclear when (or how) it will make it to the INQ Cloud Touch. Presumably a software update will be involved, as for the timeline, all we know for now is that the “the launch of the service is still a few months out”. According to Foursquare though, “the early builds are pretty awesome”. So it looks like INQ will be able to claim another first in the Android world in a few months. Good for them, although how these accomplishments translate into actual phone sales (or if they do) remains to be seen.

Via Foursquare Via TechCrunch


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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