New iPhone 4S / 5 may have a curved glass display

Apple’s next generation iPhone – called iPhone 5, or maybe iPhone 4S – will undoubtedly come packed with lots of new features. A dual-core processor, an 8MP camera, and possibly LTE connectivity are among the new features that the world is expecting the handset to include.

What few may expect from the new iPhone is a curved display. However, DigiTimes is reporting that there’s a fresh rumor going around in Taiwan, which implies exactly this: Apple wants its next smartphone to have a curved display.

Of course, the display itself will not be curved, just the glass covering it – thus the new iPhone could resemble the Google Nexus S from this point of view.

It’s said that Apple has purchased 200 to 300 glass cutting machines that will be used by cover glass makers to speed up the production.

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when exactly the iPhone 4S / 5 will enter production. In any case, if it didn’t by now, Apple won’t be able to launch it too soon. So, as reported more than once before, this year we may not see any new iPhone models until September, or even later.

Author: Florin

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  • Aggarwal Rahul

    Apple buying the glass cutting
    machines has got this rumor, of curve glass implementation in contrast with the
    conventional metal finishing. The possible advantages for the much awaited
    iphone 5 is that it might be non-conductive and would have smooth surface to
    hold which will have a feature of acquiring perfect reception of the signals.
    However, having glass on the edges might be prone to the clumsy mistakes and
    thus must be handled with most care.