Federal judge orders Samsung to turn over next generation phones, tablets to Apple lawyers

Claiming that “Apple has demonstrated good cause for some, limited expedited discovery,” U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh ordered Samsung to deliver samples of five Samsung devices currently in development to Apple’s lawyers.

Samsung has 30 days to produce product samples, packaging and package inserts for the upcoming smartphones Galaxy S2, Infuse 4G and Infuse 4G LTE, as well as the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1.

Apple filed suit against Samsung last month, accusing them of copying the design of the iPad and iPhone.

The expedited discovery does not imply guilt, but rather may provide Apple the evidence they need to prove that their intellectual property rights were violated.

Judge Koh has limited the results of the discovery to “Outside Counsel Eyes Only,” which means that neither Apple employees or their in-house counsel will get a chance to poke around Samsung’s next generation of hardware.

While it’s painfully obvious that handset makers have a tendency to take design cues from Apple, it should be interesting to see if Apple can manage to prove that Samsung actually “stole” their designs.  Koh’s choice to expedite the discovery is curious; especially considering she quotes a Samsung executive inferring that they made adjustments to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the iPad 2 was released.

Samsung has already countered Apple’s initial suit, filing patent infringement claims in South Korea, Japan and Germany.

Courthouse News via PCMag.com

Photo: The Register

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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