Unlocked HTC Sensation priced at about €600 across Europe

At the moment, the HTC Sensation is available in just a few markets, and only via select carriers: Vodafone is selling it in the UK, SFR in France, and SK Telecom in South Korea.

The smartphone can’t be bought unlocked yet, but customers will probably be able to do it starting next month. Unsurprising, you’ll have to pay a lot to get yourself an unlocked Sensation.

In Germany, Amazon lists the HTC Sensation at €600.60 (without providing a launch date).

In Italy, Media World shows a similar price (€599), also without saying when the handset will be available.

In the UK, Clove is the only retailer that lists the price of the Sensation (or at least the only one I’ve found): £498 including VAT, which means about €575. Clove lets you pre-order the handset right away, mentioning that the first stock is “due to arrive on June 27.”

The prices of the HTC Sensation will likely be lowered as the handset becomes available in more and more markets. Of course, you can always wait for a local carrier to start offering it subsidized.

Author: Florin

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