More Pics of Asus Padfone revealed

As Computex 2011 approaches, Asus has teased us about their next device, the ASUS PadFone. The PadFone is a hybrid smartphone/tablet.

Asus recently applied for a patent for the name of “PadFone.”  They also released a teaser photo of the device the other day. NotebookItalia has dug up some new photos of the device which give us a better look at the phone resting on the tablet. We assume that the phone docks into the tablet and provides some sort of connectivity whether it be 3G/4G to the tablet.

It wouldn’t surprise me if ASUS puts a Tegra 2 processor in the phone and uses it to power the tablet as well. The tablet would then have extra batteries and ports. This device reminds me of how the Atrix 4G and its computer accessory work together. We won’t know for sure what ASUS has in mind for the device until the conference tomorrow, its nice to see some innovation. We will keep you updated on the device.

NoteBook Italia

Author: Dakota Torres

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