HP TouchPad may launch on June 12

HP’s first webOS-powered tablet, the TouchPad, is going to be a nice entrance in the tablet market which is getting more and more crowded by the day. That’s even if the TouchPad won’t manage to outsell Apple’s iPad, as HP seems to think will happen.

We’ve heard before that the TouchPad may finally launch in June, and today’s information comes to confirm that, as well as peg a specific date for the release. It seems quite plausible that the TouchPad will become available on June 12 – in the US, of course. We still don’t know how quickly the tablet will be able to make its way across the pond onto European shores.

The June 12 date comes out of a ‘QuickSpecs’ technical spec sheet for the TouchPad which was leaked to PreCentral today. This four-page document is apparently something that HP readies for its business customers and resellers. Such documents cover basics like which feature is where, model numbers, accessories, and hardware specs (obviously).

As you can see from the image above, the prospective date for the TouchPad’s ‘1.0’ release is June 12. ‘1.0’ in this case is the product’s revision number (think of Nokia’s ’00’ in ‘N8-00′ or ’01’ in ‘C6-01′ for example), and that date may be when we finally see HP’s tablet in stores.

Of course, the date may have changed since the guide was printed, or may even change from this point on. Yet, as we’ve now heard June being the month of the launch on two separate occasions, we’re betting at least that’s already set in stone. So, June 12 or not, if you’re after a TouchPad, you’ll surely be able to grab one in a few weeks from now.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Alainmusy

    This is awesome! WebOs s gonna be a champion

  • Miles4000

    Looking forward to checkout the Touchpad, but also need a new webOS phone on Sprint!

  • Phacetious Plebbe

    I fully agree. I think it is going to be a viable option to the iOS, finally. I love Apple products, have an iPhone, iPod Touch AND an iPad (1st gen), but I think the market could do with a serious alternative. Android, for all its noble efforts, and I do not say this with smugness, has yet to reach the level of a polished OS. It is functional, but I think the thing that sets iOS apart form Android is that iOS is functional AND elegant. Something about Android causes it not to be described that way.

    I hope the fluidity and beauty of WebOS in its previous iteration will be enhanced by Web3.0. I have not used it, as a disclaimer, but I have seen it in action. I think it is sexy. I would be minded to buy one for my wife, and she might be minded to use it!!!

  • Samuels1980

    I have an iPad, but I really would like to see some real competition in this market. That being said, the Touchpad isn’t it. And then reason is simple. It’s not about the operating system. It’s not even about app availability or any of the things that have destroyed the other tablet alternatives. What kills HP now, is the same thing that killed the Galaxy Tab…..IT’S PRICE! For some reason these manufacturers don’t get it. Apple set a sealing, not just a bar, with the iPad. That 499 price is a psychological barrier beyond which, no other maker may cross. The techie retort, that the 599 price matches apple’s 32 GB price fails to consider how people really buy products. The iPad was touted as a computer for grandma. YouTube is filled with videos of toddlers using it. This is the computer for people who don’t know anything about computers, which means that even if they are among the buyers of Apples 32 GB version, they will be very much less inclined to look at your product because for many, it’s that 499 that got them in the door! The fact that they can be talked into a higher priced version by the guy at the apple store, doesn’t change that. In the minds of consumers, Apple’s product costs 499 and yours costs 599. And by the way, they are taking a chance on your product. HP and all the other makers should understand that they need a greater incentive to get people to buy their products. The iPad is a known quantity, theirs is the unproven experiment. A consumer thinks to her/his self….buy the super thin iPad, with it’s endless array of apps and reputation for flawless functionality, or get this new thing. And the new thing doesn’t even have the option of paying 499…. hmmmm. What do you think they do? I’ll tell you what they do. They either buy the iPad2, or they wait until Amazon releases it’s Hollywood and Coyote Tabs, both of which will be cheaper than the Touchpad. The one thing they don’t do, is buy anything from HP!

  • Terry Henry