AT&T to get a plethora of devices including Blackberry Torch 2 and HTC ChaCha

A recent leaked document indicates that AT&T will be getting a whole bunch of new smartphones in the future. Among the large list are the HTC ChaCha(HTC LeLe) and the Blackberry Torch 2 9810.

The list also includes devices such as ZTE Alicanto Z990,Samsung Habrok i857, Pantech Bannik P8000, Huawei Dola U8800, and HTC Hydra A523. All of the devices,with the exception of the Torch 2, all run on Android. The Cha Cha and ZTE Alicanto Z990 will both run on Android 2.3.3. The other devices with the exception of the HTC Hydra, which runs on Android 2.1, run on Android 2.2.

Its nice to see AT&T getting some more Android phones to its lineup, although these will all be entry-level phones and won’t please those who are looking for a more powerful smartphone. You can expect most of these devices to be released at some point during Q2, except for the Samsung Habrok which is expected in Q3. We still aren’t sure on the status of the HTC Hydra or also known as the  HTC paradise, but in my opinion AT&T shouldn’t release any phone that is running on anything lower than Froyo. We will keep you updated on the status of these devices.


Author: Dakota Torres

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