iOS 5 will be unveiled next week. More iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 rumors

Apple has officially announced that iOS 5 would be showcased next week, on June 6, at WDC 2011. Steve Jobs himself will be on stage during the conference, presenting not only iOS 5, but also iCould (Apple’s new cloud services offering), and Mac OS X Lion.

Most probably, we will see no new iPhone model(s) at WDC 2011. Speaking of which, there are some fresh rumors regarding Apple’s next generation smartphones, coming from Japanese website Macotakara.

Reportedly, the iPhone 4S (which may not be out until September) will be “SIM-less in order to integrate AT&T with Verizon Wireless”, and should “have additional 3-4 antennas inside.” Certainly, this can’t mean the new iPhone won’t have a SIM card slot at all, but that it should have a special one to fit Apple’s new SIM card, which is said to be even smaller than the current micro-SIM the iPhone 4 is using.

The Japanese website also mentions that the new iPhone 4S is an “improved model of iPhone 4 on the same form factor”, and features an 8MP camera and an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, presumably dual-core.

Furthermore, the website talks about an iPhone 5, too, which should be the next big release after iPhone 4S and come in spring 2012. I kind of doubt this, because Apple probably doesn’t want to launch two new iPhones in such a short period of time (fall 2011 – spring 2012). Or maybe the iPhone 4S will be announced at WDC after all, at the same time with iOS 5, and made available in the summer. Oh well, let’s wait for June 6 to come, and then see what happens.

Author: Florin

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