iPad 3 To Launch in 2012; Apple Already Certifying Components

For those hoping to get their hands on an iPad 3 by the end of this year, don’t hold your breath for too long.  A new report out of Taiwan indicates that Apple is in the process of certifying component parts for its newest tablet, with an expected release date in 2012.

According to the DigiTimes, Taiwanese manufacturers are close to securing certification deals on some iPad 3 components, including the LED backlight units from Radiant Opto Electronics and the third generation tablet’s panels with Chimei Innoux.


Recent rumors suggest that Apple management visited Samsung’s South Korean headquarters and is thinking about using AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emtting diode) panels for its iPad 3.  But now the DigiTimes reports that it is unlikely.

AMOLED panels – which offer sharper images, deeper colors and less sunlight reflection – are yet to make its appearance on tablet screens, and are currently only used on Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphones.

As is tradition with Apple’s roll out schedule, the iPad 3’s release date is expected sometime in early 2012.


Image via ipadresolution.com.


Author: JoannaM

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  • Tgmartin5519

    Its crazy. As much as Apple would hate to admit it, Android is pushing their company to faster hardware development. They say specs aren’t important and that its all about “the experience” but its evident from the supposed late release of the next iPhone that the pressure is on to bring the best components to the market. Apple is a great company and its even better to see how Android pushes them to get better and vice versa. Let the Techno race continue! On a side note though, why would Samsung even consider letting Apple use their SuperAmoled screens? They are trying to sue them right? That’s nonsense in itself. Why try to disrupt one of the major suppliers of the parts you need Apple? Sure, another company would jump at the opportunity to have your compotent contract, but they’ll know in advance how crazy and fickle you can be and it WILL come back to bite you one day. Ipad 3 vs the upcoming Android Tab Army of quad core and beyond Tegra devices, not to mention Snapdragon and others? Should be interesting, very much so…