Analyst: iPhone Nano to Debut in 6-12 Months

Although the iPhone 5 might be creating all the buzz for Apple right now, it’s the rumored smaller and more affordable iPhone Nano that can make a bigger impact by reshaping the mid-range mobile phone market in coming months..  One analyst predicts the phone will make its debut sometime in the next 6-18 months.

According to, Jeffries analyst Peter Misiek says the handset could sell for as little as $300, shedding Apple’s reputation for premium product prices for a more inclusive, mass market product.

Misiek says an affordable iPhone can “increase Apple’s total addressable market by an additional 500 million phones per year” and allow the tech giant to maintain a respectable profit margin in the mid-range and pre-paid mobile phone markets.

A more affordable iPhone could change the mid-level mass market that is increasingly dominated by Android.  It could also disrupt sales for Nokia and Research In Motion, who both have been living off affordable models such as the BlackBerry Curve.

Misiek adds that Apple can cut costs with manufacturers and make the Nano version more compact while also recycling components from earlier iPhone models.

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Author: JoannaM

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