BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to more UK retailers. Launching in Q3?

About a month ago, Expansys was the first UK retailer to say it would offer the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (without mentioning the smartphone’s exact launch date). Now, more retailers have added the new Bold to their websites: Clove, Play, and Handtec.

Only Clove says when it expects to ship the 9900: at “the end of Q3.” That’s kind of odd, since RIM previously said the smartphone would be out this quarter (thus before the end of June). Sure enough, Clove might have meant to say “the end of Q2.” Or maybe the new Bold is delayed? We don’t know yet.

Running BlackBerry OS 7, the Bold 9900 features a 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen, dual-band Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS, NFC, 5MP camera with 720p video recording, and a 1.2GHz processor. RIM didn’t announce the smartphone’s price yet.

Author: Florin

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