Orange UK Introduces iPhone and iPad Connect Plan

For those who can’t decide on the latest iPhone or an iPad, Orange UK has the solution for you:  why not get both under one monthly plan that allows you to connect with both devices.

Billed as the Connected Plan, for £99 ($161) upfront, users can get their hands on a 16GB iPhone 4 and a 16GB iPad 2 on a £65 ($106) monthly contract for a two-year period.  The plan will allow for 600 talk minutes, unlimited texts, WiFi connectivity, and a 2GB data allowance for the two devices.

The plan still seems on the high side, but is still more affordable than two separate contracts.  It’s more likely though that Apple fans will wait until the iPhone 5 makes its debut before splurging on the Connected Plan.

The plan is open for existing Orange customers, but for those wanting to join, an additional £50 ($81) will be charged.

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Author: JoannaM

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