Vodafone has a Facebook phone, too

Well, what do you know: Vodafone is getting ready to launch its own Facebook phone.

The handset is an entry-level one, and kind of resembles HTC’s ChaCha – it has a landscape display, and a full QWERTY keyboard with a dedicated Facebook button. It doesn’t run Android, though. It’s just a featurephone.

We haven’t been able to find too many details about the handset’s features, but we received a (tiny) photo of it:

Vodafone should launch this Facebook phone in most of the markets where it’s offering services, including the UK. Like all its other own-branded handsets, the Facebook-centric phone will probably be available on Pay As You Go.We don’t know when exactly the new device is going to be released, but we’ll keep you posted.

Author: Florin

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