Wi-Fi Blackberry Playbook coming to Sprint June 5th according to Sprint Executive

Sprint will be launching the Wi-Fi version of the Blackberry Playbook this Sunday according to the twitter page of Spring Marketing Director Gerald Evans.

Evans’ blog reported that the 16GB  Wi-Fi Playbook will be sold for $499 at Sprint retail stores and online. Gerald also stated that Sprint will have a 4G version of the tablet sometime later this year.

We got excited a few days ago that Sprint might be releasing the WiMax edition of the tablet soon after finding the web address now.Sprint.com/PlayBook. Unfortunately, that was only for the Wi-Fi edition of the tablet.

It doesn’t make much sense to me on why Sprint even bothers to carry the Wi-Fi edition since the version they are selling is the same as one found in Radioshack or one found online. It looks as though we will have to wait a little while until the Blackberry Playbook WiMax is released, but until then, we can play with our new Sprint Wi-Fi Playbook.


Author: Dakota Torres

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