Apple iOS 5 Rumored To Have Social-Network Integration Features

Making it even easier for mobile phone users to “like,” “tweet,” and “share,” there is speculation that the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 5 will have a Twitter button integrated into the phone’s platform.

According to the IB Times, the rumors are coming from Rackspace tech blogger Robert Scoble’s tweets, saying, “Next week will be a huge week for those of us who have lived on Twitter for the last few years.  Apple is building Twitter in deeply into iOS5.”

Scoble added: “I know someone who built the Twitter integration into iOS5 and I believe him when he says I’ll love it.”

Smartphones and social networking sites have had a solid marriage to date, with video-sharing site Youtube already integrated onto the iPhone’s interface.  If the Twitter rumors are true, Facebook might follow suit.

Similarly, Vodafone is launching it’s own social-networking feature phone with a dedicated Facebook button.  Details on the phone are limited, but it should be launched in Vodafone carrier countries such as Germany and the UK soon.

The Apple iPhone 5 is looking at a possible launch date in September.


Author: JoannaM

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  • Anonymous

    I guess it makes sense. Its just too bad MS beat them to the punch. We’ll see how their version is integrated to IOS.

  • Anonymous

    Did MS beat them to the punch ?  They just stated it will be in the next release, Mango, but that’s not going to be delivered until end of the year. Let’s see how fast IOS 5 will roll out!

  • MariaAmador

    Actually I don’t know how the concept of android comes out. Can you tell me is it borrowed from apple ios or else?