Videos Of Motorola Droid 3 Leak Out On The Web

There have been rumors of a Motorola Droid 3 for sometime now, and it looks like that release date might be coming soon with new tutorial videos leaked on YouTube via German site

The videos are limited on what they show, but viewers do get a glance of a five-row keyboard, Swype and an 8-megapixel camera.  We don’t get to see anything else too groundbreaking other than a basic tutorial on how to use the phone.


There are some spotted cosmetic changes to the current Droid model including a pair of volume keys on the right side and a larger display.  There’s no sight of a camera button though or left edge micro-USB and mini-HDMI configuration.

There’s speculation that the Droid 3 won’t be a 4G LTE device and might run on Android 2.2 rather than 2.3, but that’s yet to be confirmed.  Also, with the original Droid and Droid 2’s seemingly short battery life, it’s yet to be determined how the Droid 3 will fare.

According to Verizon, the devices shown on the tutorial videos are not final.

You can watch the video here:


Via Engadget



Author: JoannaM

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    This basically what I wanted the Droid 2 to be when I bought a Droid X last year. After learning that smart phones without keyboards suck (my opinion), I started hoping something like this would happen. I can live without 4g support but the wait it what is going to annoy me the most. Can’t wait to be able to type, have an HD camera, and play emulators with good controls..