HTC ChaCha gets 200 MHz processor boost

The HTC ChaCha, one of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s two Facebook-centric Android smartphones (alongside the Salsa), has received an unexpected 200 MHz processor speed boost. Up until now, the ChaCha’s processor frequency was always listed as being 600 MHz. That’s what HTC itself announced back in February when the handset was first unveiled.

However, if you now go to HTC’s page which details the ChaCha’s specs, you’ll see that the processor has been bumped up to 800 MHz. This probably doesn’t mean that a different processor unit was used (but there’s no way to tell since HTC’s page only lists the frequency), just that the existing unit can also be clocked at 800 MHz without any downsides. If that’s the case, the Android dev community would have probably released 800 MHz kernels anyway, but those only appeal to people who root their devices and are used to flashing custom ROMs and kernels – so just a small minority. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the speed benefits that those extra 200 MHz bring.

So that’s good news for prospective HTC ChaCha buyers. A few days ago we told you that this handset is now available in the UK, however it looks like in the meantime one of the two retailers mentioned there (Phones4U) has taken the ChaCha page down. The other retailer is Carphone Warehouse, which has a history of implying that products are available in stock when they aren’t. So that makes the situation a bit confusing.

Anyway, even if the ChaCha isn’t yet available anywhere (the UK was the first place we’ve heard it to be in stock), it will soon be. And when it is, you’ll be getting a minor spec bump for free. If all phone launches would be the same…

Via NieuweMobiel Via Android Community

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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