16 GB iPhone 4 on sale for $147 at Walmart

Walmart annouced today that it would drop the price of the iPhone 4 from $197 to $147. Today, Apple also unveiled tons of new features of iOS 5.0 along with iCloud and iTunes Match at its annual conference, WWDC.

The promotion applies for both the white and black versions of the iPhone 4, as well as the AT&T and Verizon editions. To obtain the promotion, you must be eligible for an upgrade or willing to purchase a new two year contract. Walmart stated that this deal will run through June 30

There are several plausible reasons for the discount. First it could be due to the strong relationship Apple and Walmart have shared since 2008 when Walmart first began selling the iPhone 3G. It could also be that they are looking to attract more attention to their dedicated wireless department. Unfortunately, both the white and black models are currently out of stock online, so you will have to hope that Walmart restocks soon, or you’ll have to travel to your local Walmart and hope they have one.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Murphy

    Typical Walmart sale. Went to 3 Super Centers here in South Florida and none had the Verizon iPhone.
    What we used to call Vaporware in the computer business.