MetroPCS Huawei Ascend Android 2.2 Froyo update now available

MetroPCS has launched the very affordable Android-powered Huawei Ascend back in December of 2010. The phone had reasonable specs for the price, but it was always let down by the version of the operating system that it came with – Android 2.1. It’s still unclear why MetroPCS and Huawei thought it was a good idea to launch it like that many months after Android 2.2 became available.

And today, many months later, the carrier and the manufacturer have finally rectified their error, for an update to Android 2.2 Froyo has become available for MetroPCS’ Huawei Ascend.

The update can be performed in no less than three different ways. First off, via an app (that’s nifty and not something we usually hear) that you can find in MetroPCS’ Android app market. Once the app is installed, just run it and it will update your phone.

Alternatively, you can update your Ascend using a computer, by downloading the update to it, and then transferring it over to the phone and installing it.

And finally, you can just go to your nearest MetroPCS store and have someone there update your phone for you.

Loads of options indeed. There are important things you need to know before you attempt the update though, such as the fact that all the data currently on your device will be erased. To get all the necessary info needed to safely update your handset, and to download the update files in case you decide to update via a computer, just head on over to this handy page that MetroPCS has put up. It explains, in painstaking detail, what benefits you get from upgrading, what you need to do – basically everything you need to know is there waiting for you.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Pierre Barkett

    Moderator please delete dupe message

  • Pierre Barkett

    Thanks fr the info! Have been waiting for this for a while. With the Appstore version you need to be on wifi. It also checks your battery level even though mine is on charge it wont allow me to update yet.

  • Haroliz

    Wohoo! Love my phone now!!!

  • Haroliz

    Yeah happened to me too wouldn’t let me even thou it was charging but once the battery life hit 52% it updated!!

  • :)

    sucks lost 9 screens got 6 and killed my root on my phone z4root does not work anymore 

  • Juliykari9

    hey did ur phone stay on the huawei logo until the battery charged up before it updated it?