Nokia World 2011 will be in London in October

Nokia World 2011 is happening after all. Just like last year, it will take place most likely London, this October.

With all the the strategy shifts, transitions and problems Nokia is facing right now I was beginning to doubt that Nokia World will happen this year. Especially last week, when on the minisite for Nokia Connection 2011 (a companion Nokia event during CommunicAsia show in Singapore on June 21), they called it “The biggest Nokia event of the year”. Nokia has fixed the text since then.

But now we have two almost official sources confirming that Nokia World 2011 is happening this year.

First is this tweet from the official Nokia South Africa account:

Yep, it says that Nokia World is happening this October.

Then we have this Nokia/Symbian app competition by Movistar Equador, which has a trip to Nokia World in London as the main prize:

The terms and conditions (*.pdf, Spanish) of the competition says that Movistar and Nokia will sponsor a trip to London  Nokia World. They also say that the trip will take place on Sept. 7th so that’s a bit of a contradiction to what Nokia South Africa says. But it’s not a big one, Movistar competition started on June 1, so their PR was prepared last month and things must have changed since then.

October is a much more likely date for the Nokia World – by then the new Nokia Windows Phones should be very near release and Nokia’s main global gathering could be all about the new platform on which Stephen Elop bet company’s future.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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