T-Mobile G2 nearing ‘end of life’

After having been available from the magenta carrier for many months, and recently being offered for free on contract, it looks like the end is near for the T-Mobile G2. This device, in effect a Sense-less Desire Z (which is sold internationally and comes with HTC Sense, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s UI layer), is approaching the end of its life, according to a leaked internal T-Mobile document obtained by TmoNews.

In fact, the T-Mobile G2 can no longer be found on T-Mobile’s website, and can’t be ordered online anymore. It’s still available in (some) stores, but all signs now point to a slow phasing out of this handset, especially now that the G2x has launched (although it’s still not in stock).

It’s unclear how long the G2 will continue to be available in Tmo stores, so if you’ve always wanted one, but never got round to actually buying it, perhaps you should head to the nearest magenta store in your area and seal that deal – if you keep waiting, it may be too late.

Of course, even a few months may pass before the device is fully ‘end-of-lifed’, but why risk it?

Are you sad to see the G2 go?

This may be your last chance to get it on Amazon.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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