UK: Vodafone’s exlclusivity of the HTC Sensation is about to end

Ever since the HTC Sensation was finally officially unveiled by the Taiwanese manufacturer (which was more or less forced to do so by a Vodafone error which inadvertently leaked the handset), we’ve known that it was a Vodafone exclusive in the UK at launch.

Still, we’ve also heard that HTC’s current flagship smartphone would eventually be available from all the other major UK network operators. As for the when, it’s always been rumored to be June. And today we have a confirmation that Vodafone’s exclusivity will end, and it will end soon.

Big Red has had the phone since May 19, so if another week or so passes before the other operators get it, that’s still a cool month of exclusivity there. Those of you who just had to have a Sensation on day one are now surely Vodafone customers.

For the rest though, there’s just a bit of patience still required. The HTC Sensation has been listed in the Carphone Warehouse systems in a bundle with Orange and O2 contracts, according to the shot you see above, which was obtained by GSMArena.

The screenshot unfortunately doesn’t provide an exact date for the Sensation’s availability on other operators, but it does signify that it will happen soon. Also, online third-party retailers have started to take pre-orders for the HTC Sensation with networks other than Vodafone. So let’s take a quick look at their offers.

Orange will supposedly offer the Sensation free on two-year contracts starting at £28.44 per month. You could also get a £25 per month contract, but in that case you’ll have to pay £100 for the handset.

T-Mobile will give you the device for free on a £32 per month contract – but it’s an 18-month contract, mind. You can also get the Sensation on a £25.5 per month 18-month contract, in which case you’ll also have to pay £40 upfront.

O2 has the Sensation free on £31 per month 24-month contracts. The cheapest contract you can get the handset on is £21.50 per month, but that requires a £80 payment for the phone.

Three will have the Sensation free on £30 per month, or £70 with a £25 per month agreement.

Of course, as these aren’t official numbers from the operators themselves, we’ll have to wait and see when they announce pricing. But with the leak from Carphone Warehouse it really can’t be long now. Hang in there.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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