Gresso iPhone 4 Time Machine costs $6,000, brings you six watches

If you’re disappointed that Apple didn’t unveil a new iPhone at WWDC 2011 earlier this week, maybe Gresso’s new iPhone 4 will get your attention.

Meet the iPhone 4 Time Machine, which should be available sometime later this year. The name has nothing to do with Apple’s homonymous backup utility, and neither with H.G. Wells’ time machine. Gresso named its luxury iPhone like that because it has 6 independent Swiss watches integrated into the back panel.

The watches, which are diamond-coated, show the local time in six of the world’s most important cities: New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

According top Gresso, the iPhone 4 Time Machine is “designed specifically for people living in the rhythm of world time” (whatever that means). The company failed to mention that those people also need to be rich – because the iPhone 4 Time Machine costs $6,000. Well, at least it’s cheaper than the Black Diamond iPhone.

You can check out the new iPhone here at Gresso.

Author: Florin

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