Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S II to be available in July

Samsung’s Galaxy S II is coming to all the major US carriers, that much we know already. The Korean superphone wants to redo the success that its predecessor has seen worldwide, and for that it needs to launch in as many countries on as many carriers as possible. And it looks like that’s exactly what will happen, with ComputerWorld reporting that the Galaxy S II is expected to have launched on about 140 carriers by the end of June.

As for the US, according to the same source, Verizon will start selling its version of the Galaxy S II sometime in July. A specific date is unknown right now, and may have not even been set yet, but a Verizon spokesperson did confirm the July time frame.

It’s also very possible that the story of the Galaxy S II will be very similar in the US to that of the original Galaxy S, with each carrier getting its own version and its own brand name to go with it. We’ve heard before that Verizon’s Galaxy S II will be called Function, AT&T’s will be called Attain, and Sprint’s will be the Samsung Galaxy Within. The naming scheme has not yet been officially confirmed by either carrier or Samsung.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Galaxy S II manages to outsell its predecessor (which has apparently been sold in 14 million units so far), but it certainly looks like it could. It’s got the specs too, being one of the devices to pack as much as is possible into a smartphone form factor.

We don’t yet know pricing details about Verizon’s Galaxy S II, but we can easily speculate that Verizon will choose one of two possible strategies there. Either keep the $199.99 level that’s been established pretty much as the standard for high-end smartphones since the original iPhone was launched, or continue to try pushing even higher prices for some devices, like it has started to do this year. In that case, we may see the Galaxy S II introduced at $250-300 with a new two-year contract. Time will tell.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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