Vodafone’s Emporia RL1 is the ‘back to basics’ anti-smartphone that costs £60 on PAYG

Vodafone has launched a handset that can rightly be called an anti-smartphone, with its clear focus on just making calls and texting. However, the lack of features is something that many will find refreshing, for not every single person on this planet needs or wants a superphone, not even in 2011.

For the ‘back to basics’ crowd, the Emporia RL1 is perfect. Oh, and because it doesn’t do much, it’s also cheap. You can get it for £60 on Pay as you go, and it’s free on contracts that cost £24.38 per month or more. That £24.38 per month gets you 600 minutes and unlimited texts, so you can put the Emporia’s main features to good use.

The Emporia RL1 is easy to use, it has larger than average keys, and up to 8 days standby time (and 3 hours talk time). It comes with and charges in the ‘dock’ thingie you see above. It’s got 100 entries in its phonebook memory, 8 MB of internal memory, and the display is a 1.8-inch OLED affair. Speaking of that, text size can be adjusted, the ringing volume can be boosted, and there’s even ‘extra powerful’ vibration.

The Emporia RL1 has an alarm clock, calculator, and birthday reminder tool, but no camera, no internet access whatsoever, and no MP3 player either.

It’s pretty clear who this phone is aimed at – and that’s fine. Those who think Androids are (just) humanoid robots need mobile phones too.

To buy an Emporia RL1, head on over to Vodafone.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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