Hands-on: Motorola Photon 4G (video walkthrough)

When Sprint and Motorola announced their new Android devices today in New York, we were able to take them for a spin on the showroom floor. Look below for videos showing the Photon 4G’s Blur interface, new Calendar features, kickstand functionality, game mode and Webtop application. Check out our more detailed first look here.


Here Maleah from Sprint shows us a little bit about Motorola’s Blur interface:

Trevor from Sprint shows us how the kickstand triggers prompts onscreen:

Here we see the Photon 4G connected to an LCD TV and used as a controller for the game Riptide GP:

Lastly we have a docked Photon 4G using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with Motorola’s Webtop app:

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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