Apple iCloud allows users to download previously purchased apps that are no longer available

CDFXapps has made a great discovery today. They were browsing some of the features of iCloud and found out that users can re-download any previously purchased app, including ones that have been removed from the app store.

Although Apple made it clear that users would be able to download previously purchased apps, they didn’t mention that users would be able to download apps that had been previously removed after Apple realized they didn’t fit the criteria of the app store. It is unknown on whether or not Apple meant to do this, but it was most likely a mistake.


This shows that Apple is pretty on top of tracking and backing up any apps that you had previously purchased.One example of an app that was previously banned, but now available is Tris, a Tetris clone. Apple will most likely take away this ability in the finalized version of iCloud, but for now you should take advantage of being able to download any apps that were banned that you had previously purchased.


Author: Dakota Torres

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