iPhone Coming To Sprint This Year?

9to5Mac reports that the iPhone might be joining Sprint’s network this year.  A test version of the iPhone is in testing stages, with rumored plans to join Sprint’s catalog either late this year or in 2012.

Sources say Apple ordered Sprint towers to be installed on their campus late last year, in addition to creating job postings for an engineering team near Sprint’s headquarters in the Kansas City area.

The rumored device is currently being tested in Sprint’s research and development department at their Kansas City headquarters.  Some sources say that the phone could run on Sprint’s 4G network – a first for an Apple device – alongside many competing Android devices already running on the network.

Additional reports state that the Sprint iPhone will include dual-band support with T-Mobile and that Verizon/AT&T and Sprint/T-Mobile tag teams will switch each year in debuting new iPhones.  This of course is yet to be confirmed by either Apple or Sprint.

This is not the first time Apple has created speculation with an “are they, or aren’t they?” rumor.  The Cupertino, Calif.-based company tested the Verizon iPhone against Verizon cell towers on their campus before joining its network in January as well.

Image via Today’s iPhone.


Author: JoannaM

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