Latest Nook e-Reader Comes With Undocumented Web Browser

The iPad and Kindle might want to make some extra room for their little cousin, the Nook.  Barnes and Noble’s latest offering, the Nook Simple Touch Reader, has an undocumented “hidden” Web browser that allows users to access their email and browse headlines.

Users that have purchased the new Android device can simply press the virtual “Search” button on the bottom of the Nook’s screen and type in a URL into a search bar when it appears.

The added functionality is a pleasant surprise for Nook users.  The e-Reader’s color version already received a software update last April that transformed it to a stripped-down Android tablet with basic email and Web browser capabilities.

Launched in May, the redesigned Nook is thinner and lighter than its first generation e-Reader and comes with a 6-inch touchscreen, 2GB of built-in storage, and WiFi connectivity.  Unlike its competitors, it can also run up to two months on a full battery charge.

The Nook is available for $139.


Author: JoannaM

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