Spanish National Police arrest three in connection with Sony Playstation Network attacks

Spanish police said Friday that they had made three arrests in connection with the recent attacks on Sony’s Playstation Network. The National Police said that the three suspects held leadership roles in the online hacking collective Anonymous.

All three suspects are Spanish males in their early 30s, and were released without bail pending formal charges. In addition to the Sony attacks, they stand accused of attacking Spanish banks, an Italian energy company and various government Web sites throughout the world.

The Spanish investigation was started last October after an attack on the Spanish Ministry of Culture’s Web site, allegedly in protest of legislation that increased penalties for illegal downloads.

The Playstation Network breach and its disclosure to the public have been quite embarrassing for Sony. However, estimates of overall costs of the breach—$173M—seem paltry in relation to Sony’s annual revenues. Police said the Anonymous members made use of the computer program LOIC to crash Web sites with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, but did not claim to know how the Playstation Network was breached.


Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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  • Dallas SEO

    geeze! I dont agree with hacking but its not like they killed anyone!

  • Jasmine

    i see this is going to turn into a war across the whole world, and they won’t allow this to go unpunished..