HP TouchPad demo videos released

With the TouchPad’s July 1st release date quickly approaching, it only makes sense for HP to release some demo videos to show off some of the cool new features WebOS looks to bring to the tablet market. HP shows off four key features of webOS: Synergy, Just Type, Multitasking, and Notifications.

  1. HP TouchPad’s Synergy is basically a unified email client which allows you to sync all your email accounts into one single organized view. This also applies to contacts and the calendar. If something changes on your calendar online, it will automatically be updated on your calender on your TouchPad. Synergy is probably its coolest on the HP photo application. It pulls your photos from Facebook and other clients such as photobucket. It will also show comments your friends have made on your photos pulled from Facebook and even allows you to reply, all within the HP photo application.
  2. Just Type is much more than a universal search. It allows you to even search beyond what you have on your TouchPad and will search the web and even recommend apps. You can change the input options to include third party apps such as Twitter or Facebook. With Just Type, you can also initiate quick actions which allows you do do things without actually having to open the app such as typing a memo. Combine these features with a full QWERTY touch keyboard modified to include a row of numbers on the top, you get some serious task efficiency.
  3. Multitasking is equivalent to a deck of cards in webOS. All of your open applications are organized so you can easily flick through them. Applications that have a similar use are stacked on top of each other. With one flick up the application is closed. HP promises smooth running on its dual-core Qualcomm processor.
  4. Notifications are shown in the right portion of the upper bar, similar to Android’s notification system. Each app gets its own notification icon and messages are shown when they are received in the top bar. You can scroll through the different messages you want to get to without having to actually open your SMS or email application and can then open up to that exact message.

WebOS looks just as smooth as iOS and Honeycomb, but it lacks the developer support to have an app store as big as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace. The TouchPad starts at $499 for the 16GB model, the same price as the iPad 2. I personally think it would’ve been a good strategy to try an undercut the iPad 2 price to make it a more viable choice to consumers since its app store can’t compare to Apple’s. Either way I’m excited for the TouchPad to bring a new OS to the tablet market. All four videos have been posted below for your connivence.


Author: Dakota Torres

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