LG confirms Optimus 3D delay, still hopes to ship some units in June

The LG Optimus 3D was the first smartphone ever announced to feature a glasses-free 3D display, as well as dual-cameras on the back for 3D photo and video capture. In the meantime, HTC has introduced its very own 3D effort dubbed Evo 3D, but neither phone is shipping yet.

And taking the following news into account, it looks like the Evo 3D, which was announced after the Optimus 3D, will nevertheless be in stores first. Such is the mobile world at times.

What’s the deal? Well, a few things have happened today concerning the Optimus 3D. First, Amazon UK put a listing of the device up, allowing pre-orders at the highly insane price of £599.99. But that wasn’t the story in itself – the fact that attached to that price was a release date was. So, according to Amazon, the Optimus 3D would ship on June 20 (that’s next Monday).

Hours later, however, a blog post from well known UK third party online phone retailer Clove surfaced. In it, the company announces that it is due to receive its first shipment of Optimus 3D devices on July 11. That, of course, is quite a lot later than what we’ve heard so far regarding Optimus 3D ship dates – first, “late May“, and then “on June 6“.

It goes without saying that neither turned out to be true. And finally, mere minutes ago, LG’s UK arm has confirmed that the Optimus 3D is suffering yet another delay, by tweeting just that. LG still hopes that it will receive some limited quantity of Optimus 3D handsets before the end of June, but that looks uncertain.

So, in other words, it looks like some UK retailers may be lucky enough to get a few Optimus 3D devices while it’s still June, however for the vast majority, the 3D phone will come in July. And for Clove, one of the biggest and most well known SIM-free retailers, the date will be July 11.

That’s the gist of it, folks. It looks like you still have some waiting to do if you’re after a 3D-capable smartphone in Europe. Hang in there. Oh, and if you’re sure you want one, and really wouldn’t like to spend £600 on a phone, Clove will let you pre-order the Optimus 3D for ‘just’ £454.80.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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