Orange Barcelona will cost £119.99 on PAYG, free with £15 per month contracts

Earlier today, we brought you news about an upcoming own-brand affordable smartphone that’s going to hit Orange UK soon – the Orange Barcelona. With it, the colorful operator surely wants to replicate the amazing success it’s had in selling the San Francisco launched last year – which is also a very cheap Android-powered device.

The Barcelona though isn’t an actual successor to the San Francisco, since it’s got an entirely different form factor. We’re talking candybar touchscreen + QWERTY here, whereas the San Fran was a typical Android slab/slate.

The Barcelona will clearly appeal to texting fanatics, the email-addicted, and generally young crowds. We knew it would be cheap, but not just how cheap. Well, TechRadar has spoken to Orange and got the official pricing details.

The Barcelona will cost £119.99 on Pay as you go, but you’ll have to also get a £20 minimum top-up when you purchase the phone. If you’d rather get it with a contract, the Barcelona will be free on 24-month contracts that will cost £15 per month or more.

There’s still no exact release date to speak of, but since this phone is already on Orange’s site, it’s probably not that far away.

Image via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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