Samsung Droid Charge to get another software update from Verizon

Verizon is really trying its hardest to get rid of all of the software bugs that have been reported on Big Red’s latest LTE phone, the Droid Charge.

The device received its first OTA software update(version ED2) shortly after its launch. This 5.2 MB update was aimed at fixing an issue with Samsung’s Media Hub app. The latest OTA update(version EE4) is bigger at 9.9 MB. The update is currently rolling out to users and is expected to fix a plethora of issues including improved call quality, better detection of Verizon’s 4G and 3G network, an enhanced browsing experience, better battery life, visual voice mail, email folder enhancements, improved GPS performance, and to fix an issue with the Mobile Hotspot app.

This update shows that Verizon is trying pretty hard to keep customers happy with the Droid Charge. Now all Verizon needs to do is release Gingerbread for this device, then I’m sure owners will be satisfied.

Verizon Wireless

Author: Dakota Torres

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