HTC Sensation will be available on O2 and Orange in the UK on July 8

A week ago we told you that Vodafone’s exclusivity of the HTC Sensation in the UK is about to end, with third-party retailers already advertising the superphone with contracts from other operators. And at the time the Sensation’s availability on other operators seemed downright imminent. However, new information now indicates that may not be the case.

Vodafone will not be the exclusive seller of the Sensation in the UK for long, that much is sure. Although it looks like those of you who want to get the device with contracts from other operators still have some waiting to do. Well known UK retailer Phones4U has just announced that it will start sales of the Sensation with O2 and Orange contracts on July 8. That’s almost a month from now, so patience is still sadly required if you want the Sensation and Vodafone isn’t your network of choice.

Phones4U has the Sensation for free with contracts starting at £30 per month (on Orange), and that’s pretty reasonable considering that, if we disregard the Evo 3D (since not everybody is into the whole 3D thing), the Sensation is HTC’s flagship smartphone at the moment. And, having only been released very recently, it’s bound to stay that way for many months to come.

So, in the grand scheme of things, waiting a few more weeks to get it in your hands probably won’t matter.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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