LG Ego Wi-Fi is a touchscreen featurephone, yours for £65 on PAYG from Vodafone UK

If the Vodafone Smart Android-powered smartphone that was unveiled a few days ago somehow just isn’t for you, or if you find it too cheap, or if you just hate smartphones in principle (really?), then… here’s something for you.

Vodafone UK is now selling the LG Ego Wi-Fi, a touchscreen featurephone that boldly lists its main feature in its name. Yes, a featurephone with Wi-Fi connectivity – not something we see that often. Aside from that, the Ego has HSDPA, Bluetooth, a 2 MP camera, a 2.8-inch touchscreen, 50 MB of internal memory, FM radio, and an MP3 player.

The LG Ego Wi-Fi can be had from Vodafone right now for £65 on Pay as you go.

Look. Seriously, if you want a cheap, small touchscreen phone and don’t mind getting one such device from Vodafone, don’t buy this. Get the Vodafone Smart instead. That’s a proper smartphone, it runs Android, which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of apps, and feature-wise it’s on par with the LG Ego Wi-Fi. Oh, and, amazingly, the Smart is even £5 cheaper.

So who’s the Ego for then? I wasn’t kidding – it’s for those who just hate smartphones. I can’t think of any other category of people that would be better off buying the LG Ego Wi-Fi instead of the Vodafone Smart. We’ll see if there are enough such people around to justify this device’s existence and pricing.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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