Nokia, Apple enter into patent licensing agreement, Apple has to pay up

The seemingly never ending patent war between Nokia and Apple has surprisingly reached an end today: Nokia has announced that the two companies have settled all patent litigations, thanks to the fact that Apple agreed to “join the growing number of Nokia licensees.”

In other words, Apple lost this battle, and Nokia was right when stating that the Cupertino company was infringing patents with its products (including the iPhone).

Nokia didn’t disclose the exact financial terms of the agreement. It only said that there will be “a one-time payment payable by Apple, and on-going royalties to be paid by Apple to Nokia.”

Last year, we’ve heard the Finnish company expected to get as much as $1 billion from Apple – that kind of money would be more than welcome for Nokia now, when its smartphone market share has severely declined, and its Windows Phone future is rather uncertain (uncertain in the way that partnering with Microsoft may turn out to be a bad idea).

Apple hasn’t issued any press release about the new agreement. I guess that if it’s not about a patent war that the company won (or about a new magical product), a press release has no place on Apple’s website.

Via Nokia

Author: Florin

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  • Aggarwal Rahul

    The patent war since 2009 between
    the two biggies has ended for good I assume. With Nokia having a low share market
    value, Elop must be elated with the settlement with Apple. Nokia deserves the
    price for its 20 years of innovation and nobody else should take a free ride on
    its research and development. I hope the “Finnish” company will now start off
    with its journey in the mobile communication industry in a better financial