Facebook To Create Photo-Sharing App For iPhone

Not to be out done by popular instant photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or Color, social-networking site Facebook has plans of its own to create a stand-alone app for its users to more efficiently upload and share their personal photos with their online friends on their mobile phone.

In the new app, users will be able to share their photos and videos with their friends, similar to the current Facebook app, but with a better interface that displays the user’s photo album and tagged photos on the same screen, plus possible multiple photo-tagging capabilities that are currently only available on the social-networking’s site.

According to sources, the app might be called “Hovertown” or “With People,” but that’s yet to be confirmed.  There’s also no official word from Facebook as to when the app will be released.

Facebook’s social-networking site currently sees 6 million photos uploaded by its users every month.

Via TechCrunch


Author: JoannaM

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