Future HP TouchPad names revealed?

HP doesn’t seem to be wasting time trying to get its new webOS onto the mobile market. HP already has the HP Veer available on AT&T and the TouchPad is slated for a July 1st release, but we have just found some new info on a possible future TouchPad.

HP has just applied for trademark protection on six names that all include the word TouchPad. Here are the six names: TouchPadFlex, TouchPadPro, TouchPadTwin, TouchPadGeo, TouchPad7, and the TouchPadGo. These names are all pretty enticing and are all possibilities.


It wouldn’t surprise me if HP followed up with a 7-inch TouchPad with a lower price tag, or a model with a keyboard built in. Although just because HP filed these trademark applications doesn’t mean they will actually make a tablet with any of these names, but we will keep you updated on any future tablet plans by HP.


Author: Dakota Torres

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