The first Sony Android tablet (S1 or S2) will be available in Europe before the end of September

Sony’s first Android-powered tablet may hit the stores in Europe at the end of September, if a private note sent from Sony’s marketing group and seen by Engadget is to be believed. The note did not mention a name for the tablet, and said pre-orders would start in August.

Clearly, that unnamed tablet will be either Sony’s S1 or S2. Both of these devices were pre-announced (Sony didn’t give any actual specs save for the screen sizes) in April with a projected release time frame of “this fall” – so that fits. Since then, we’ve seen both the S1 and the S2 pass through the FCC, but that’s about the extent of info we have had on them so far.

What remains to be seen is which tablet Sony chooses to launch first. Will it be the S1 with its curved back design? Or the S2 with its dual-touchscreens? Maybe Sony will launch both tablets at the same time, or very close to each other. The truth is we just don’t know at this point. What we do know however is that, at some point in September, if you’re in Europe, you may just be able to buy a nice Sony Android tablet. In the UK, it will be at first sold by Sony directly, as well as department store John Lewis and a third still-unconfirmed retailer. After the famed ‘holiday season’ passes, the tablet will become available elsewhere too.

Let’s hope Sony will decide to tell us more about its tablets before September.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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